Silent 360 Wheels Hard Shell Lightweight Luggage Suitcase - Large

Silent 360 Wheels Hard Shell Lightweight Luggage Suitcase - Large

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This modern stylishly designed polycarbonate hard shell suitcase ensures strength, flexibility, stability, scratch-resistance, and high durability and fits perfectly in cabins and within hand-luggage restrictions. Don't lug heavy hand luggage around that will be sure to put a strain on your holiday and enjoy freedom of movement, flexibility and durability!

Extra lightweight! You can pack more in your hand-luggage without worrying about exceeding the 8kg weight limit.

Short trips made easy:
Perfect for short trips if you want to avoid having to check in any main luggage and have to wait while the minutes of your life tick by while waiting for your main luggage to come round the conveyor

Packing heaven:
Two elastic cross straps and 1 compartment are available to keep your belongings organised so that you easily find what you're looking for.

Rolling pleasure:
With 4 silent, 360 degree rotating solid wheels, you got a wheeled luggage that glides effortlessly on your side at any direction.

Adjustable and flexible:
Our rolling luggage is also equipped with an adjustable telescoping handle smoothly transitioning from a tall to short handle at the press of the button.

Security and peace of mind:
This piece of luggage features a security lock for you to set to your own code - a nifty security feature, especially if you're travelling abroad.

More details:
  • Dimensions 23 x 50 x 33 cm (D*H*W)
  • To set secuirty lock (1) key in 000 (2) pull button up (3) reset to code while golding button up