Ozone Friendly Proguard Ant Surface Spray - 150ml

Ozone Friendly Proguard Ant Surface Spray - 150ml

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When ants have invaded your countertops or working surfaces - Spray the ant's elimination is on contact wipe countertop with paper towel or cloth.

Surface can be utilized immediately after application.

Does not contain any chemicals or alcohol - The product ingredients will not cause contamination
to the raw product that is being processed in your kitchen or industrial preparation areas.

For control of ants on working surfaces, food preparation surfaces in Hospitals, Restaurants,
Canteens and Industrial scale food processing industries.

A commonly argued fact is whether ants pose a human health hazard as they can convey the
bacteria from areas that they infest (i.e. rotten bark, leaves, carcasses of dead insects or animals)
to food preparation surfaces. E. coli, Streptococcus, Salmonella and Staphylococcus are amongst
the bacterial risks they are documented to transmit.

Please Note: This product is NOT an "Ant Deterrent" – it functions to eliminate ants on contact and allow for immediate use of surfaces