Nesty MH100 Wireless Stereo BLACK Bass Earphones

Nesty MH100 Wireless Stereo BLACK Bass Earphones

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Picking the right earphones for your listening experience is essential. A combination of comfort and quality sound is the ideal. Look no further. Nesty MH100 Wireless Stereo Black Bass Earphones provides this and even more.

A fashionable design yet strong and robust. Not only good to look at, but a premium sound output too.

With comfort in mind, the ear cushion is soft, durable and breathable. Taking quality into consideration, high clarity sound is provided whilst listening to both music and phone calls.

- Headset with built-in mic
- High resolution audio sound
- Ergonomic Design for efficiency and comfort
- Long wearing, no pain
- Adjustable ear and headband
- Foldable design
- Comfortable fit over head
- Skin friendly material
- Water-resistant to perspiration

- Colour: Black
- Transmit Range: - Battery: Rechargeable polymer lithium-on battery
- Charge time: - Operation: about 4 hours

Package Includes:
- Headset with Telescopic chute
- External connection to 2.5mm earphone

What's in the box
1 x Headset
1 x Connection