Dark Heart Oval Wicker Basket - Set of 5

Dark Heart Oval Wicker Basket - Set of 5

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Handcrafted using traditional techniques, our oval black willow baskets are crafted of willow with washable liner and hanging heart. The rich, dark hue of these baskets makes them a handsome choice for laundry or linen solutions and storing rolled towels in the bathroom, paperwork in the office or clutter in any room of the house.

More on Wicker Baskets?

Wicker Baskets, made by expert craftsmen, are well known for their strength and durability, and for their unmatched beauty. Interestingly, Wicker Baskets are not made from wicker. The term "wicker" is usually used to describe the basket, but wicker is actually referring to an ancient hand weaving technique used when manufacturing the baskets.

Our Wicker Baskets are made by weaving strands of Willow fibres around a frame of thick stems, vines or plant stalks.

Willow is the superior choice for baskets due to its strength and durability. Willow's natural ability to retain moisture makes it easy to weave into a variety of shapes that retain strength when the willow dries. Willow baskets are a bit heavier than fine weave rattan, reed, and bamboo, but that?s exactly what gives the basket its superior cargo carrying ability. You can feel the quality the moment you pick up a basket made from willow.

Size of baskets
  • xxL: 51x37. H.56cm
  • xL: 44x30. H.48cm
  • L: 40x31. H.16cm
  • M: 34x26 H.14cm
  • S: 29x21. H.12cm


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  • Dark Heart Oval Wicker Basket - Set of 5