Cellphone Magnifier Stand Folding Screen Amplifier

Cellphone Magnifier Stand Folding Screen Amplifier

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Is your mobile phone too small for reading or watching movies?
Do you need an emergency distraction for the little ones?

Use this phone screen magnifier to enlarge the screen by up to 3 times and watch your favourite entertainment on the big screen!

It is simple... A purpose built flat piece of magnifying plastic with a holder at one end for the phone and a stand for the screen. And voilà!!

- Foldable and lightweight so it can be taken with you where ever you like (great for the plane!)
- Large magnifying screen
- The front screen (magnifier) can be adjusted so that you can find the perfect viewing angle
- Anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and anti-dust.
- Works with any smartphone

This is a great unique product that is sure to get your friends talking!